Are You a Digital Nomad + Do You Work From a Coffee Shop?






Where Have You Bean Working? 

Go Digital Nomad’s mission is to help coffee shop owners protect their profits during peak hours and unlock the economic value of idle assets – chairs and electrical outlets – while increasing the freedom, flexibility and productivity of digital nomads.

We basically match chairs with digital nomads in need of a place to work – on the fly. 

We offer better pricing, more choices, greater access and a more mobile experience than a typical coworking rental.

We are a community of digital nomads reshaping the boundaries between work, community, travel and life while making an impact and improving the environment.


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We are sharing our failures, quick tips and helpful lessons we’ve learnt to help us be more organized and productive freelancers and business owners

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Setting goals has it’s challenges and, of course, benefits – learning how to navigate and achieve them is a daily grind and a skill

5 Easy Tips on How to  Network at a Conference


Prior to going to a conference or cocktail party you can usually request a copy of the attendee list. 


You only get one change to make a first impression. Do your research, make notes and memorize them.  The first meeting you have with a potential investor, mentor, business client or adviser is usually the introductory meeting or something called the “chemistry test”.  You know that “gut” feeling when you’re at a first meeting?  You know if it’s going well or not – right?


Keep the conversation to a maximum of 15 minutes.  I’ve found that when people approach me at a speaking event or conference, they over stay their welcome and the conversation starts to get a bit awkward or too personal for a first introduction meeting.

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